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4 Things To Remember When Creating a Perfect Morning Routine

March 31, 2021

Creating the perfect morning routine is a bit tough. If you have never created a morning routine, it can be difficult to know what to do, what activities to skip, and how to approach the task. To help you out, I’m going to talk about four important things to remember when creating a perfect morning routine.

All four of these tips apply to any morning routine, no matter what style you prefer. Additionally, you can use these tips when improving your morning routine down the line. Let’s get started.

1.   Make It Personal

The absolute top tip to creating the best morning routine is to make it personal. Too many people assume someone else’s morning routine without personalizing it to their own goals and morning. The last thing you want out of your morning routine is for it to not actually reflect you.

Make your morning routine personal by creating a list of goals and desires you want out of the morning routine. Do you want more time? Do you want to feel less stressed in the morning? No matter what your goals are, make sure you have a clear idea of them to select activities that help you achieve those goals.

You may want to start by taking on someone else’s morning routine but pay attention to yourself in the process. If something doesn’t feel right, don’t force it. What is great for one person may not be great for you. Make sure the routine is personal so that it improves your life.

2.   Don’t Overdo It

Mornings are pretty confined. Don’t make mornings more stressful than they have to be by adding on a ton of different tasks in your morning routine. Instead, select just a few rituals or activities to incorporate into your routine that enhance your goals and kickstart your morning.

Most people recommend having a morning routine that lasts about an hour. A one-hour routine gives you enough time to get things done without requiring you to wake up way earlier than you are used to. If your morning routine is only an hour, you can only do two or three-morning rituals, depending on what they are.

3.   Test and Improve

Once you think you know what you want from your morning routine and have selected a couple of rituals to try out, test the routine by doing it a couple of mornings. To test the morning routine, do it full out, just as though you have already committed to it.

If you feel that there is something slightly wrong with the routine, change it. The morning routine is completely about you. So, there’s no shame in needing to drop an activity or add a new one. Just improve your morning routine so that it continues to be effective in your life.

4.   Be Patient but Don’t Give Up

Finally, the last tip is to be patient and not give up. When you first start out, it will be tempting to stay in bed and ignore your morning routine. Be patient with yourself when you feel this way but push through these temptations and commit to your routine. Only by committing to it can you achieve the goals you want.

If you mess up one morning, don’t beat yourself up over it, though. Just get back on the saddle the very next day!