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How can I add course content at Estatoora LMS

July 16, 2021

Hi! Welcome back to Estatoora LMS Tutorial. In this lesson, we are going to learn how to add course content.

At Estatoora LMS, a course is basically a space site where one or more teachers can add learning content.

What the course might look like as a teacher will depend on the admin. This involves the theme and settings. For example, in the boost theme, teachers can expect to see a collapsible navigation drawer on the left and a cog menu on the right. By default, editing teachers can edit the course settings by clicking the cog icon and then Edit Settings. Other course features are available from here too including a more link that takes you to further settings including reports, badges, and quiz questions.

The main content area is where the actual and proper teaching and learning resources will be added. 

In this course, the main contents are numbered topics and they can be renamed. In order to add learning content, you need to have the editing turned on and with the boost theme. To do this, simply click the gear top right and then click the link turn editing on. This would display the edit menu that’s next to any existing content for editing the settings, hiding, duplicating

deleting, and many more. 

There is also an announcement forum if you wish to move it into a different section, simply click the crosshairs icon to move it by dragging and dropping.

In order to add new files documents or activities for learners, you need to click the link add an activity or resource in the section where you’d like them to appear. 

On the other hand, an activity involves input from learners such as submitting an assignment or posting in a forum. A resource is a static content such as a video or page of text. With the editing turned on, you can also add blocks to the side of the main learning content.

As a recap, here’s a summary of the things you should remember when adding a course:

• Courses hold learning content

• Resources are static

• Activities require input from learners

• Blocks may also be added to the side

Now that you learned how to add course content, you can now move on to the next video.

Find out more in the LMS Course Documentation

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