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Morning Routine For The Night Owl

March 31, 2021

For some people, morning routines come naturally. For the night owl, however, starting and keeping a morning routine can be next to impossible. Luckily, there are certain ways that the night owl can incorporate an easy morning routine into their day. Let’s take a look at an easy morning routine for the night owl.

1.   Plan the Night Ahead

One of the biggest tips for an easy morning routine is to utilize the night before. Instead of doing everything in the morning, plan the night ahead to make the morning go as easily as possible. Any activities that require decision making should be made at night, not in the morning.

For example, plan out your clothes, meals, or activities the night before. Just by making this small change, you will have a much easier morning that requires less thought and activities. Don’t just plan out these items though. Instead, go ahead and prep as much as possible.

Lay your clothes out so that you can easily grab them in the morning. Prep your coffee machine, pack your lunch, load your car, and do anything else before you go to bed. Once again, these small changes may not appear to make a big difference at first, but they will take out a whole lot of stress in the morning and free up some time for other activities too.

2.   Wake Up 20 Minutes Earlier

Morning routines don’t have to take up a whole lot of time. Although an hourlong morning routine is certainly relaxing and beneficial, a routine that is only 20 minutes long can make a big difference to a night owl. As you start your morning routine journey, only wake up 20 minutes earlier.

For example, wake up at 6:40 if you currently wake up at 7:00 every morning. By only waking up 20 minutes earlier, you certainly free up extra time in your morning, but you aren’t forcing your body to wake up much earlier either. This will help you to stay motivated and not overly tired in the morning.

Whenever your body adjusts to waking up 20 minutes earlier, you can consider waking up another 20 minutes earlier. So, wake up at 6:20 once your body responds to waking up at 6:40. If you don’t feel like you need any extra time for your morning routine, you can continue waking up at 6:40 instead. Just do what feels best for your body.

3.   Start with 1 Extra Task

One reason why night owls give up on their morning routine is that they tried to change too much too fast. Instead of creating a whole new routine from scratch, only add one new extra task at a time. Starting with one new activity won’t feel too overwhelming, but it will certainly make a difference.

One great activity to add when you’re first starting a morning routine is moving your body. Whether that be yoga or a simple walk around your neighborhood, move your body in the morning to get your metabolism kickstarted and blood pumping. Once you master this addition, feel free to add another one.

4.   Double Task

Finally, the last step in an easy morning routine for the night owl is to double task. For example, listen to an eBook as you are driving to work, walking, or making your breakfast. This allows you to improve your mind while still doing the morning tasks that you must do regardless. Double tasking helps you to maximize your time so as to have a better morning without overloading your schedule.