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Using SEO Automation

November 30, 2021
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SEO Automation will optimize every single URL of your website as soon as you activate Squirrly SEO plugin. It is useful when you want to manage your entire website fast.

To access SEO Automation:

  1. Click on SEO Settings on the top menu bar of Squirrly SEO and then go to the Automation section.
  1. To start the SEO Automation and customization, select the post type from the SEO Automation list. 

If your website uses a post type excluded from the list of post types, you can still add a new post type. To do this, select a post type from the list and click on the Add Post Type button.

  1. Once you select a post type, you can now add a pattern to the title and description. To add this pattern, first click on the pattern you want to add.

You can click it again if you want to delete or delete it.

These patterns help to avoid title and description duplicates between your posts. Each pattern is also replaced by the real value associated with it.

  1. If you don’t want to use Patterns for any posts, you do have an option to switch it off. You can easily switch it off in the toggle option: Active Patterns.
  2. To set up the SEO Automation for Home page, select Home from the Post Type list. Here, you can set your Title and Description METAs by using the patterns and choose the Separator signs. 

Squirrly SEO will automatically detect and use the SEO Automation Set for your home page. It will not matter if your home page doesn’t have any posts or is updated regularly.

  1. You can customize how the titles are displayed and what is included in the description. This customization can be done at every single Post Type on your website by using patterns. 

To customize it, replace the word enclosed in the bracket with your chosen title or description.

  1. You can also choose how your Separator looks from the Separator section below the Description section. This Separator is used in separating post title and site name.
  1. In SEO Automation, the Let Google Index It is switched on by default. You can also choose to switch this off. You can switch it on or off by clicking the toggle next to it.

By switching it off, Google or other search engines will never display pages within a specific post type in their results. However, switching it on will allow Google or other search engines to display your Home page in their results page.

  1. Below  Let Google Index It, you can find Send Authority to it. You can switch it on or off by clicking the toggle next to it. 

By switching it off, Google and other search engines will not count the links your page receives from other websites. Turning it on, however, will allow Google and other search engines to send authority from other websites to your Home page.

  1.  Next is Include Sitemap, where you can specify whether Squirrly SEO should include the Home page or another post type in the Squirrly Sitemap XML. By clicking the toggle next to it, you can turn it on or off.
  2. Next is Redirect Broken URLs, the options here are set to off by default. You can switch it on or off by clicking the toggle next to it. 

By switching this on, the modified link will still automatically send them to the original link of the website or post.

SEO Automation serves as a Master Control Board allowing you to quickly customize your pages and set up SEO. This is very helpful for beginners in SEO and Squirrly SEO.

In the next lesson, you will learn how to use Bulk SEO.