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Using SEO Live Assistant

November 30, 2021
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SEO Live Assistant will provide you with real-time advice as you type a post or blog in your WordPress Dashboard.

To access the SEO Live Assistant:

  1. SEO Live Assistant will show up every time you are in the Post Editor in the backend. It will first appear on the right side of your screen, but you can move it anywhere from left to right.
  1. You can also minimize and maximize it if you want. To minimize or maximize, click on the minimize icon beside the x button. 
  2. You can also add keywords to SEO Live Assistant by first saving them to  Briefcase.
  1. To access the Briefcase, go to the SEO Live Assistant and click on the Briefcase icon. After clicking, you can now search for and add keywords one at a time by clicking Use Keyword.

When you select these keywords, the SEO Live Assistant will automatically calculate and display the Optimization Scores. It is also visible while you are typing your content.

Remember that your main keyword will always have a star symbol next to it.

  1. The SEO Live Assistant will also show you copyright-free images that you can use to enhance your content.  You can insert these copyright-free images by clicking on the image.

You also have an option to look for Google images and to search images by typing other keywords.

  1. You can also select your main keyword by going to the briefcase section of Squirrly SEO. Just click on the three dots in the row of your keyword and click on Optimize for this button.

After clicking Optimize for this button, a new tab will open with a blank post with your chosen keyword already added on the Live Assistant.

  1. The SEO Live Assistant will also check if your main keyword is present in the post URL. Having the main keyword in your URL is essential.

It will help Google and other search engines to understand what your content is all about. To activate this feature, save the post as a draft or public.

It will automatically activate the “Keyword is present in the URL” task in the SEO Live Assistant.

  1. You can all click on the Pin icon if you want to see SEO Live Assistant all the time. You can return it to its previous state by clicking it again.
  1. SEO Live Assistant also offers a Live Assistant Demo. Here you can understand how to use SEO Live Assistant even without having your articles or posts to use.

The Live Assistant Demo will let you use their Demo article. To access the Live Assistant Demo,  click on Live Assistant on the top menu bar of Squirrly.

To get started, click on the Optimize Posts section and then Practice/Test Round.

  1.  You can also access Live Assistant Settings, below the Optimize Posts. Here, you can set up the Live Assistant the way you want it.

In the Settings, you can enable or disable any assistant setting. You can also choose the Assistant type, which includes Auto, Integrated Box, and Floating Box.

Your goal in SEO Live Assistant is to turn all tasks Green. Once you do this, a “100% optimized” notification will pop up. 

This notification indicates that you used the correct keywords and that your post is ready.

In the next lesson, you will learn about SEO Automation.