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What Resilience Can Do To You?

May 28, 2021

As of late, resilience has become a high talking point among doctors, coaches, and everyday people alike. In short, resilience is the ability to bounce back from a tough situation. It involves learning from your past in order to be stronger than you were before.

Obviously, being able to come back from tough situations is great, but what are the actual benefits of resilience? Why exactly should you want to be resilient? In this article, we answer those questions by looking at the five top benefits of resilience. Let’s get started.

5 Benefits Of Resilience

Here are the top five benefits of resilience:

1.    Helps You Have A Sense Of Community

Many people believe that being resilient means that you are a loner and don’t need anyone else. This could not be further from the truth. The reason for this is that resilience is often built through strong emotional connections. Strong emotional connections allow people to feel connected and supported in the world, which allows them to be more resilient.

In fact, resilience almost always requires community, even if it is only a community of two. As a result, boosting resilience allows you to feel a better sense of community. As human beings, having a strong community allows us to feel happier, healthier, and more connected with the world around us.

2.    Helps You Be A Better Problem-Solver

Resilience makes you a better problem solver. The reason for this is that resilience requires you to look at situations from more than one angle, challenge yourself, and learn from mistakes of the past. As a result, you become a better problem solver as you get older. Being a better problem solver will allow you to overcome more obstacles, be a better employer, and more.

3.    Helps You Overcome Harsh Obstacles

Another benefit of resilience is that it helps you to overcome harsh obstacles. The whole point of resilience is to overcome stressful or difficult situations. So, being resilient will allow you to overcome harsh obstacles that you might have thought to be too difficult for you before.

The reason why resilience helps you overcome harsh obstacles is that it creates positive self-talk, boosts confidence, and makes you into a better problem solver. These factors work together to help you overcome harsh obstacles and generally succeed in life.

4.    Helps You Grow As A Person

Additionally, being resilient helps you grow as a person. For many people, resilience is about learning from past situations so that they become a healthier and better functioning human. Therefore, resilience helps you to create more effective coping strategies, which allows you to grow as a person.

5.    Helps You Love Yourself

Finally, the last benefit of resilience that we will look at today is that it helps you love yourself. Resilience is primarily about being competent and confident in your abilities to problem solve. Even if you make mistakes, resilience helps you to learn from those mistakes and view yourself as a capable human being, nonetheless. As a result, resilience helps you love yourself better than before.

Final Thoughts

Resilience has a number of great benefits. In this article, we specifically looked at how resilience helps you to have a sense of a community, become a better problem solver, overcome harsh obstacles, grow as a person, and love yourself.

Of course, these are not the only benefits of resilience. In fact, resilience is one of the best ways to be healthy and happy overall. For these reasons, it is crucial to boost your resilience, even if you are already a relatively resilient person.