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Using SEO Audits

November 30, 2021
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SEO Audits will help you monitor your most important pages. It will also give insights about the pages you want to rank on Google or other search engines.

To access the SEO Audits:

  1. Click on the SEO Audit section on the top menu bar of Squirrly SEO. It will redirect you to the Overview section.
  2. In the Overview section, you can add a new page for audit by clicking the Add a new page for audit to get started button.
  1. It will redirect you to the Add New Page section, and you can add a page by clicking the Add Page to Audit button. You can also use the search bar to find a page faster.
  1. After adding a page to audit, click on the See Audits button to show your Audit scores and audit history.

In this section, you will see your Audits scores and history in the last 30 days. There is also a list of your Audited pages in this section.

  1. You can also click on the Request Website audit button for a new website audit.
  1. You can also verify your Audit pages manually by clicking the Inspect URL button in the three dots in the row of your audit page. Inspecting a URL will give you reports about the loading speed of your page, METAs, possible crawling errors, and more.
  2. In these three dots in the row of your audit page, you can also request an audit once per hour. Click on the Request New Audit button to request a new website audit.
  1. You can only select one audit page for the free version of Squirrly SEO. You can delete an audit page by clicking on the three dots and then the Remove Page from Audit button.
  1. You can see your latest audit details by clicking the Show Latest Audit button in the audit history. 
  1.  By clicking the Show Audit button, it will show you your full audit report. The full audit result will show Your Audit Score, which is important in the audit.

It will also show your performance in Blogging, Traffic, SEO, Social, Links, and Authority.

  1. All of your previous audits in the last month are stored in the Audit History. In this section, you can also compare your audits from the past month.

Click on, Compare Audits button below the Audit History. The Compare Audit will help you to improve your SEO by keeping track of your progress.

  1.  In the settings section in SEO Audits, you can connect your website to Google Search Console. Google Search Console will allow you to see reports about your pages Clicks, Impressions, and CTR.
  2. You can also connect your website to Google Analytics. Google Analytics will get you information about your page’s traffic insights inside the Audit.
  1. In the settings section of SEO Audits, you can choose the email you want to receive the weekly audit reports.

Squirrly’s SEO Audit will ensure that you can monitor the performance of your website.  It will also guide you on steps to improve your website score every week.

In the next lesson, you will learn how to use Google SERP Checker.