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Using SEO Ranking & SERP Checker

November 30, 2021
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SEO Ranking & SERP Checker will monitor your website Google performance in different countries. It will help you to track the results of your SEO efforts.

To access Rankings & Google SERP checker:

  1. Click on Rankings on the top menu bar of Squirrly SEO. In this section, you can add many keywords as you want to track their rankings. 
  2. To add keywords, click on Add keyword in Briefcase button. It will redirect you to the Briefcase section.
  1. To add the keywords in ranking, click on the three dots on the row of the keyword and click on Send to Rank Checker.

It will take several minutes for Rankings to show the ranking of the keyword.

  1. After clicking Send to Rank Checker, click on Check Results to see the details of the keyword.
  1. Once the keywords are added, you also have an option to remove them. To remove the keyword on the list, click on Remove Keyword.
  1. You can also check their details by clicking the Rank Details button. Here, you can see the number of clicks, impressions, and shares of your ranked URLs. 

You can also see the average optimization percentage, the country where Squirrly checks the Google rank, and the date of the keyword verification.

  1. For the Business version of Squirrly, you can re-check the rank of the keyword manually. To do this, click on the Check Ranking Again button in the three dots on the row of the keyword.
  1. You also need to connect Google Search Console to your website. This will get you information about your keywords, like the number of clicks, impressions, and CTR.
  1.  In the Sync Keywords section of Rankings, you can see the list of keywords you have in the Google Search Console. You can add these keywords to the Rankings section.

To add these keywords, simply click on the Add to Rank Checker button on the three dots on the row of the keyword.

  1.  On the other hand, in the Google Ranking Setting section, you can customize the Google Country, Google Language, and Device.

In Google Country, Squirrly SEO will check the Google rank on the country you selected. In Google Language, Squirrly will check the Language for which Google rank will be checked. 

For the Device, you will choose from Desktop, Tablet, or Mobile for which Squirrly will check the Google rank.

To customize, click on the box next to it and choose the customization you want.

By using SEO Ranking & SERP Checker, you can explore your ranks in different countries with 100% accuracy. It will also give you a report about the daily changes on your keywords and SEO.

This is the end of our lesson about Squirrly SEO. I hope you learned a lot about SEO and Squirrly SEO. Especially on how it works, how it can help your website to be 100% optimized and attractive to Google!